Fundamentals and principles of effective Human Resource Management

Personnel management in the company includes not only the search for new staff, but also the adaptation, motivation and development of their professional qualities. Features of personnel management - an important section in HR-practice.

Personnel management is a type of activity aimed at the management of employees, aimed at achieving the objectives of the enterprise, by using the labor, experience, talent of these employees, taking into account their satisfaction with the results of their work.

Personnel management is a system of various measures: organizational, economic and social, aimed at creating conditions for full-fledged work and staff development.

The fundamentals of personnel management at the enterprise now imply understanding by the HR specialist of the increasing role of the employee's personality, knowledge of his motivational attitudes, the ability to form and guide them in accordance with the tasks and goals facing the company.

To perceive the management of personnel can be and in such basic qualities:

  • As applied science, which managed to concentrate comprehensively the achievements of economics, jurisprudence, sociology, political science and psychology;
  • As an academic discipline taught to future managers (for example, students who are trained in the specialty of "Organization Management");
  • As a kind of professional activity, with the specific goal of increasing the productivity of each employee and the entire collective of the enterprise.

Features of personnel management of the organization can also be manifested in the implementation of HR strategy development, staff selection based on the company's philosophy, thoughtful promotion of employees, taking into account individual contribution to the overall result, prevention and resolution of conflict situations at the initial stage.

In its professional activities, personnel management is based on the following principles:

  • Scientific character with a wide application of the achievements of humanitarian scientific disciplines, the object of research is the personality, groups of people, labor collectives, society as a whole;
  • Systemic analysis of factors that directly affect the behavior of employees and the choice of methods of influence;
  • Humanism - with strict observance of human rights, an individual approach to each member of the collective, recognition of personnel as the main asset of the enterprise, and each employee - an individual with a specific potential;
  • Skill, which provides for the availability of appropriate personnel for the personnel, the necessary skills and experience, allowing fruitful management of the company's personnel.

The subject of personnel management is the basic laws and driving forces that determine the behavioral characteristics of people and communities in the conditions of joint labor activity.