Writing a Good Report

Overall, a report is a brief paper targeted at a peculiar purpose. Usually, it introduces and makes an analysis of a problem or situation, and then develops guidelines on steps to be taken. Since it is a work backed up by the facts, its structure needs to be well-organized.

Such writing assignments as reports may turn out to be tricky because requirements for content and format may differ in various organizations and educational establishments, from professor to professor, and from subject to subject. Therefore, it is worthy to check all the guidelines and instructions provided carefully before you start working on the assignment.

Reports can cover the following:

  • A depiction of a specific situation or a succession of events.
  • Some kind of commentary regarding the importance of the whole situation or the given events. As a rule, such commentaries are based either on your personal analysis or viewpoints of other people.
  • An appraisement of research results.
  • Debates regarding probable consequences of future methods of operation.
  • Your own pieces of advice when it comes to a method of operation.
  • Conclusion section.

Do not forget that not all components mentioned above will be important, although certain parts should be included regardless of the peculiarities of your assignment. In case you are off to compose a report at work, try to check whether it has to be written with the observance of standard instructions and demands.

A report is a document targeted at leading people through informational flows in an organized way, enabling them to search for necessary data easily and without any obstacles. For this reason, reports consist of enumerated sections together with subsections, and a clear page intended for contents. It follows thence that pagination is quite an important thing here.

Note that contemporary word processors possess features that allow adding contents lists, pagination, and styled headings, so you can basically get the report writing help from your word processor at no time when it comes to formatting and structuring. Of course, you have to benefit from these features when editing your paper and use functions that help with adding, deleting or moving these or those sections.

In some instances, it is better to leave editing and formatting to professionals. Even when you do not want to “pay someone to do report” for you, there is nothing bad in asking a specialist to check if you have completed your assignment correctly and ask him or her to help you with formatting. This way, you will avoid making serious mistakes, and become aware of how to format the report properly to do it yourself next time.

Structuring your Paper

Your report’s structure should comprise a capsule review followed by introductory paragraphs, body, and a part with conclusions and pieces of advice.

Capsule Review

The capsule review or, in other words, an abstract is a summary of the whole content. In this case, it is necessary to write this part after all others when you are aware of key points to depict. The given part of your paper should be from half a page to a whole page at length. Bare in mind that an abstract is written in order to provide overloaded executives with a summary of the paper’s content.

Introductory Section

Introduction informs what you are planning to say and offers a short summary concerning the problem.


The given section has to be organized in such a way as to bring readers through the matter. Split the body into separate parts and use enumerated subheadings. All information introduced here should refer to the point at issue.

Conclusions and Pieces of Advice

The given part points out inferences drawn from the information, as well as any experimental results. Pieces of advice show your thoughts concerning improvements of the situation. Therefore, these need to be achievable.

Need a Helping Hand?

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